Product design is part of my identity where I actively engage each of my intuitive, analytical, critical and creative mindsets.

I believe it is not about right-brain or left-brain thinking. It is about taking a holistic approach to the projects. I work on grounding myself in understanding, gaining perspective, embracing the collaborative process, finding ways to test multiple ideas and iteration to arrive at the most effective and practical solutions.

I believe no two projects are alike, the way I think about problem and approach user experience is rather straight forward and can be summarized below with examples of what I follow:

Research to Understand: I rely on my business and consumer marketing acumen to take in market research, define business goals, and learn about the brand, the product and the stakeholders.

Listen to learn: I structure interviews to elicit storytelling, and I document users' thoughts, feelings and actions when conducting contextual inquiries and user testing.

Synthesize to define: Pulling together what I've learned, I model representative experiences, tasks and mindsets to articulate the users' goals, and define and frame the problem.

Generate concepts: Collaboration is essential to any ideation process, whether through team brainstorming or engaging in participatory design with stakeholders and customers.

Visualize the interaction: Visualising and diagramming the user interaction is something I do in tandem with prototype development, as it is informed by user feedback on user testing and serves to guide later iterations.

Communicate the interaction: I take concepts from sketches and wireframes into visual/tangible MVPs and develop low, medium and high fidelity prototypes at multiple stages to get perspective and test with users.

Test the prototype: Getting timely and useful feedback on prototyped ideas in a structured or informal setting is crucial to the iterative process.

Refine & Repeat: The feedback from the testing is what drives the iterative process, giving me essential insight into refining the prototype, rethinking the interaction, even generating more concepts.