Ezybin makes it easy for user to order a skip bin Australia wide. 

About the app

A user can book the bin and track it all in real time. Ezybin connects the people who need a bin with the right bins at the right time at the touch of a button. They combine the latest technology with 30+ years of industry experience.

Few Key features of the app

1. Simple and easy to use.

2. Find the right bin for the job.

3. Track your bin in real time.

4. Itemised invoice.

This app is available for the Australian market. However, to witness the hard work and journey of the app, you can download the same from the respective links.

Download from the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ezybin/id1402420045?ls=1&mt=8

Download from Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ezybincustomerrn


Design Overview


A system which simplifies and innovates the way the waste industry operates. Customers can use the application to book a bin anywhere in Australia with the ease, operations managers manage the job requests and allocate the drivers. Drivers will complete the job and an Admin who manages the whole system.

My Role and team

I was working on the project as  Sr. UX / UI designer along with my team member Alok Mittal and Pritika Tuteja. Together we created the complete experience for the hybrid app for driver & customer and responsive dashboard design for operation manager by using different approaches like competitive analysis, creating various scenarios and user journeys, information architecture, wireframes etc to achieve our end goal.

Where do we start

In our initial talks with the client, we understood their vision behind creating the app. Ezybin belongs to Lynda's father business now she is taking over to it. So she wants to take it to another level.  

What's the UVP?

Rental economy has been flourishing for quite a few years now. Thanks to our ever increasing need for change combined with the the dirt cheap prices of renting the things we could only imagine at one point. Beehive took the concept one step further by setting up both rental services and products on their platform. 

Who is the app for?

We created the persona for the driver, the customer and operation manager. Once the personas were created, we went ahead in defining the scenarios and IA for the application in form of flows and wireframes.

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 4.40.48 PM
BinLOG – Lucid Chart Operation Manager
wireframe 4
Visual Style

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