Piggybak is a social network that helps you quickly track, organize and share great places. Connect with people you trust to discover recommendations for restaurants, bars and more.

About the app

Piggybak is a platform designed for foodies of the digital age to search, recommend and share their favourite places with their trusted network of people. Piggybak offers personalised search of food venues to its users based on their personal preferences, their network’s recommendations and the Piggybak community at large. The app allows you to network with your Facebook friends and Phonebook contacts allowing you to see recommendations from them on their favourite places or ask for suggestions from them when you wish to try something new.

Few Key features of the app

- Track your favourite places and include photos, comments or tags to clarify what you love

- Follow people you know and trust so you can tap into their favourite places

- Search your network for recommendations based on location, cuisine, occasion or other tags

- Maintain a wish list of things you want to try

- Discover new venues suggested to you based on your stated preferences

- Thank friends for assisting you with helpful recommendations

- Poll friends for suggestions based on your specific needs

App store link :https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piggybak-share-great-places/id1294573832?mt=8

Project Overview

- No real source for a credible recommendation

- No way to track and organise my own recommendations for future use

- No efficient way of picking a venue for a group outing or event.

- No easy way to discover my recommendations

- Today’s social media outlets aren’t exactly tailored specifically towards any type of recommendations


- An app that allows users to track, organise, discover, share recommendations

- An app that will allow business to enhance their visibility to potential clients, who are on the search for somewhere


User Research, User Interviews, Persona Creation, User Journey, Information Architecture, User App Flow, Wireframes, and Visual design


Lucid chart (User flow), Sketchapp (wireframe and visual design), Invision (prototyping)


Ben Jaris, Vivek Kumar



Before even diving into the features and the overall UX of our product we conducted some user interviews.

Some of our interviews included friends to restaurant servers to gain a better understanding of the problem. These are some the key takeaways from those interviews:


1. Discover and share recommendations

2. Piggyback off your friend's experience

3. Recommendations from people you know and trust

5. Keep track of the list of your favourite spots and spots you want to try

6. Share your experience

7. Make plans for the entire group, no more arguing over where to go

8. Learn more about the places your friends like to go

9. Always have a recommendation

10. Always someone you can piggyback off


1. Develop and build a social network platform that redefines for consumers to track, organize, discover and share recommendations tied to lifestyle experiences

2. Build a network which will be focused on people you know and trust

3. Allows users to select a preferred privacy setting for their own cousins and interests.

4. Simplify the review process by focusing on quick and positive recommendations

5. Provide a seamless experience for adding, searching and sorting recommendations


Persona 1

User Journey

Keeping Olivia in mind, we mapped her user behavioural flow. Understanding her decision making and flow within the dining experience allowed us to brainstorm the necessary features and opportunities required for Olivia to successfully navigate through the app.

User journey

Information Architecture

Information artitecture

We also created a user flow for the key tasks within the app: checking in to tracking restaurants and friends recommendations and personalised preferences. By going through the flow of the key tasks it helped us think through the core activities and ensure a seamless process from all perspectives in the dining out experience.

User flow


Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 4.41.01 PM Copy 3

Visual Design

Piggybak Visual

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