About Oxfordcaps

OxfordCaps is Asia's first branded and technology-enabled Student Housing startup. It provides a technology-enabled and community-driven living experience designed for the millennial Students. Our online booking platform allows university students to book their ready-to-move-in student accommodation in Singapore and India. Once they move-in, our platform is used for end-to-end management of the accommodation units and for community engagement.

 Role: UX Manager



Business: Create a student booking ecosystem for stakeholders like the marketing team, sales team, finance team, founders, and investors. Last season the whole booking process was on excel sheet, google form, and emails which led the organization to disconnect and miscommunication at different stakeholder touchpoints like in inventory management, balance sheet management, booking management, cancellation management, rent, and security deposit plan and cash collection and reconciliation.

Team goal:

  • Sales and Marketing Team - Responsible for taking a new reservation, cancel reservations, allocate room number, manipulate inventory as per available situation on properties
  • Finance Team  - Responsible for reconciliation transaction, Booking management, and follow-ups
  • Founder and Leadership - Can view a summary of all properties that how the different properties are doing, can asses the performance of the property and managers, can view the total and project sale collection 


Design Process:



Step 1: Understanding of Challenge

To understand challenge and business requirement we have interviewed sales and marketing VP, 2 managers of the sales team, and interviewed finance V.P, one finance executive and founders. The purpose of conducting user interviews is to understand the needs and goals of the target audience in order to understand the value proposition of the product. The methods we used to collect data are focus group discussion and facilitated workshop.

Interview Questions:

Motivation: How important is this information and why do you need it?

Domain Knowledge: What is your interest in the domain?

Expected Content Breadth and Depth: What type of information are you looking for? Have you visited similar sites before? How do you use this information? How critical is this information? 

Task Flows: What are the most important and frequent tasks you need to perform in this application? How do you go about completing these tasks? Do you consider this to be a difficult task? Do you think a new user would have trouble learning this task?

Current Information Source: What is working well in the current pattern? What would you change? Do you have other sources of this information?

Format, Presentation Style: In what format do you expect the information to be presented to you? Why does that format suit you?

Mind Mapping: 

Mind Map


User Interview


Marketing Sales V.P and Team

- Leadership would have the ability to manage his team from the head office. For which he can assign users and define rights.


- Leadership wants to make the booking process digital so that he can track all property booking, inventory and transaction statistics.

- Leadership would have the ability to map every booking inventory with student detail, opted rental plan, security deposit, and transaction detail.

- Leadership would have flexibility in booking that the user can reserve his bed at a minimum booking amount. Rest of the amount he can pay before move-in date via multiple transaction methods. 

- Leadership wants a feature of "add on services" which entitles students and parents to choose luxury offerings such as air conditioning, Balcony rooms, window room, cooler, etc.


- Leadership would have the ability to track all property's total inventory statistics and individual inventory statistics with room type and bed statistics and status ( occupied, partial booking, vacant). 

- Leadership would have an ability to convert inventory type ( double sharing room to single sharing, triple sharing room to double sharing room or single sharing. 


Sales and marketing managers and executive 

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to make the booking on the platform.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to see inventory detail of the assigned property.

-  Managers and the executive would have the ability to assign a room number while making the booking or assign it later.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to convert room type.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to fill student and parent information mandatory.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to fill plan detail (security deposit, effective rent, move-in, and move-out date, rent payment frequency)

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to take payment via multiple modes.

Finance V.P & Finance executive 

- Leadership would have the ability to see all pan India booking and transactions. 

- Leadership would have list students who has booked the room on a partial amount. The system should send a notification to those students and parents and the system should generate a red flag to finance if the move-in date is close, so the finance can take the required action.

- Leadership and the executive would have the ability of reconciliation of all transactions.


Scenarios vs Task Flow:

Task flow

 Sketches: Just like any other design project, I first took to pen and paper to ideate, experiment, and really just get everything that’s in my head out in the real world.



Sales App Visual Design:

Dashboard and booking list

View Booking

Create Booking:

Create booking

Transaction reconciliation:


Cash Reco Panel for Finance

1 Cash Reco – Approval Pending2x


Metrics we used to measure the success of the design.

- Task success rate: the percentage of correctly completed tasks by users.

- Task completion time: the time it takes for the user to complete the task.

- Conversion: the percentage of users who take the desired action.


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