About Oxfordcaps

OxfordCaps is Asia's first branded and technology-enabled Student Housing startup. It provides a technology-enabled and community-driven living experience designed for the millennial Students. Our online booking platform allows university students to book their ready-to-move-in student accommodation in Singapore and India. Once they move-in, our platform is used for end-to-end management of the accommodation units and for community engagement.



UX Manager




  • Take a new reservation and booking management
  • Live inventory creation and management such as room and bed allocation
  • Transaction management and reconciliation especially cash, DD & cheque



  • Sales and Marketing team - Responsible for taking new reservation on properties and have the ability to customize inventory 
  • Finance Team - Responsible for reconciliation transaction, Booking management and follow-ups


Design Process:



Understanding the Challenge

To understand challenge and business requirement we have interviewed respective teams Vice president and executives.

Here is our finding below: 

User Interview


Marketing Sales V.P and Team

- Leadership would have the ability to manage his team from the head office. For which he can assign users and define rights.


- Leadership wants to make the booking process digital so that he can track all property booking, inventory and transaction statistics.

- Leadership would have the ability to map every booking inventory with student detail, opted rental plan, security deposit, and transaction detail.

- Leadership would have flexibility in booking that the user can reserve his bed at a minimum booking amount. Rest of the amount he can pay before move-in date via multiple transaction methods. 

- Leadership wants a feature of "add on services" which entitles students and parents to choose luxury offerings such as air conditioning, Balcony rooms, window room, cooler, etc.


- Leadership would have the ability to track all property's total inventory statistics and individual inventory statistics with room type and bed statistics and status ( occupied, partial booking, vacant). 

- Leadership would have an ability to convert inventory type ( double sharing room to single sharing, triple sharing room to double sharing room or single sharing. 


Sales and marketing managers and executive 

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to make the booking on the platform.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to see inventory detail of the assigned property.

-  Managers and the executive would have the ability to assign a room number while making the booking or assign it later.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to convert room type.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to fill student and parent information mandatory.

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to fill plan detail (security deposit, effective rent, move-in, and move-out date, rent payment frequency)

- Managers and the executive would have the ability to take payment via multiple modes.

Finance V.P & Finance executive 

- Leadership would have the ability to see all pan India booking and transactions. 

- Leadership would have list students who has booked the room on a partial amount. The system should send a notification to those students and parents and the system should generate a red flag to finance if the move-in date is close, so the finance can take the required action.

- Leadership and the executive would have the ability of reconciliation of all transactions.


Scenarios vs Task Flow:

Task flow



Just like any other design project, I first took to pen and paper to ideate, experiment, and really just get everything that’s in my head out in the real world.




Dashboard and booking list:

View booking

Create Booking:

Create booking

Transaction reconciliation:



Metrics we used to measure the success of the design.

- Task success rate: the percentage of correctly completed tasks by users.

- Task completion time: the time it takes for the user to complete the task.

- Conversion: the percentage of users who take the desired action.


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